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One of my proudest achievements as an APA delegate to the AMA, has been to help the AMA house of delegates see the value of psychiatry in leadership. Pictured here are Patrice Harris MD, president-elect of AMA, a forensic and child psychiatrist from Georgia and former APA trustee; and Jeremy Lazarus, former AMA president, former speaker of the APA Assembly and chair of several councils and committees.

At the AMA National Advocacy Conference (here with Marilyn Heine MD, an articulate and knowledgable member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society delegation) I have helped APA and AMA achieve such victories as passage of Mental Health parity, the defeat of the SGR, and guaranteed minimum benefits, including mental health, in the Affordable Care Act (one reason we at APA hate to see it go.)


I have been attending the Pennsylvania Medical Society House of Delegates meetings for many years, as a delegate and as a trustee. I recently was able to get passed a resolution establishing policy for PAMED, supporting Extreme Risk Protection Orders (also called Red Flag laws.) The Pennsylvania District Branch had been asked to support a bill in the current session, which we did, but could not get the medical society to go along because of a lack of policy. Now we have it

I am a proud Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association


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My greatest accomplishment, my family.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when my residents do well. Here is Ariela Green, a recent graduate, presenting a poster at the APA Annual Meeting in San Diego.